Rodolfo Mederos

Rodolfo Mederos, bandoneon player, composer and arranger was born in Buenos Aires in 1940. In his musical career he has performed with well known artists from the classical and the contemporary music such as Osvaldo Pugliese, Astor Piazzolla, Daniel Barenboim, Joan Manuel Serrat, Enrique Morente, Larry Coryell, Luis Eduardo Aute, or Miguel Poveda, amongst others.

He formed his first tango ensembles in the sixties, collaborating from the beginning with important musicians from the Argentinean tango panorama, such as Astor Piazzolla or Osvaldo Pugilese. During his dedication to tango, his style, full of essence and popular energy, was able to achieve the best critics and be proclaimed as being one of the roots of tango, full of good musical taste. One of his main preoccupations has been to transmit tango as “the music of the cities of the world”, and not just as a mere local expression.

His career covers various compositions from different music styles, all the way from popular pieces up to grand symphonic works, making use of a diversity of ensembles and instrumentations. His intense labor as a pedagogue and his interpretation devotion complete his professional activity.

Considered to be Astor Piazzolla’s direct successor, Rodolfo Mederos has recorded many pieces for labels such as Teldec, BMG, or Sony Music. One highlight in his lengthy discography  is the trio he recorded with Daniel Barenboim and Hector Console, “Mi Buenos Aires querido”, which obtained great international recognition.


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