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Musiespaña Proyectos

Musiespaña strengthens its comprehensive range of services for the management, design, consultancy and production of artistic programmes with the launch of Musiespaña Proyectos.

Musiespaña, Spain’s leading representation agency for classical music professionals, has improved and strengthened its place in the market with the launch of Musiespaña Proyectos, which will offer a comprehensive range of services to the music business, including consultancy, public relations, design, production and artistic management.

The idea behind Musiespaña Proyectos is to be able to offer a new way of understanding artistic output, from its conception to its final form, taking care of issues such as management, design, production, financing and the public relations strategy. Musiespaña Proyectos seeks to provide a modern and flexible vision of contemporary Spanish music scene, based on our belief in the high quality of our country’s artists and musicians, the experience and knowledge of the audience, and the dynamism of the music market.

Musiespaña will thus make a further contribution to the objective with which Humberto Orán launched the company in 1989, which is to serve music and help Spanish musicians to reach national and international audiences, while also seeking, by means of this new project, to gain an international presence, focusing particularly on emerging musical markets.